Interview with Valirini
Valirini - Eco community member

We are glad to welcome you to HolaEco! Perhaps you are the first girl I interview and it’s very pleasant and exciting for me. For many members of Ecommunity, you are a mystery

Tell us a little about yourself. Do you have any other activities besides the project and how do you like to spend your free time?

GM Lilishka and everyone who is reading this, thank you for this resource and for the opportunity to know ecommunity members a little better.

Crypto is my main job which I devote all my time to. When you involved in crypto, there is so little time left for other things, because crypto is a very exciting but at the same time crazy complex sphere, something new appears here every single day – new trends, new projects, new technologies, and if you don’t spend significant amount of time on these things, then it will be difficult to succeed. Therefore, I try to spend rare free moments with my family and friends. I also like to spend time in Eco, I spend a significant part of my day here and not only as a prefect. I believe that anyone can find something interesting here, you can play games, laugh at memes, read stories, etc. the list is long. I also know that many ecommunity members found new friends here and spend their free time together, it’s really great!

I’ll say an obvious thing, but it’s really cool when you love your job and enjoy it.
Tell us, please, do you remember the moment when you got a Prefect role? What emotions did you experience? Was this event a surprise for you or did you expect it?
I strongly believe that everyone should focus on the specific direction where they can be the most useful and bring the biggest value to. I always liked to help ecommunity members, answer their questions, guide them to find their place in our community etc., so I put all my efforts to do everything I could in this direction, but I never thought that my efforts will be appreciated so high. I remember that moment when Dave wrote to me asking what I think about to become a prefect. It was an unexpected surprise and a pleasant shock, and I’d like to take the opportunity and once again thank other prefects and Ecoteam for the trust.
You are the only one prefect-girl. Tell me, what does it feel like for you to work in a men’s team? Are there any advantages or disadvantages of working in a men’s collective and is the male team different from the female one, in your opinion?
I didn’t have a chance to work with a women’s team before, but I believe there would be some differences. Regarding working with the rest of the prefects and Eco Team I can say it’s very pleasant and comfortable. Of course, all the people are different, with their own characters and points of view, and though we all do not always agree with each other, I know for sure that each prefect does everything he can for the good of the project and the ecommunity, and this is the most important thing, that we all have the same goal and good intentions.
If we try to compare people who have the Prefect role in Eco, we’ll see that they are completely different people. But I’m sure there’s something that unites them. What qualities do you think Prefect should have?

Can you continue the phrase: “Being a prefect means…”?
…it means to forget about “I”, “me”, “for me”, etc., and replace it with “us” and the “ecommunity”
…it means fully realize the responsibility you were charged with
…it means being as honest and fair as possible with yourself and with the ecommunity
…it means to be careful, understanding, and have a great patience
…it means to be observant and able to analyze
…it means knowing when it’s better to insist on your own and when it’s better to find a compromise
Actually the list is pretty long)
What is the most difficult of the responsibilities assigned to you in the project? And what kind of work do you like to do the most?
Sometimes it’s difficult to make some decisions, to answer people, knowing that your answer may upset or disappoint them, many will be disagree or dissatisfied, but you must act like this because this is for the good of the ecommunity, even if some people don’t understand it yet.

And what I really like and is very pleasant to see is when some people come here just to earn some points, but over time their interest starts to grow, they become curious, spend more and more time here and become really valuable members and essential part of the ecommunity. Helping them along the way and seeing such progress is priceless for me.
Eco hosted a lot of different challenges and events, and some of them cause strong emotions. What is most dear to your heart? Is there something that you cherish in your memory and feel a sense of pride that you were involved in this?
There are a few things I was really happy to be involved in:
1. Secret Santa, organized by inny#6499 and Alex171171171#3857 last year. It was so exciting to send a christmas gift to a secret community member and to get a secret gift in turn. It happened that when I got my present I immediately realized who sent it. Thanks a lot to semetak#5027 for the warming gift she made by her own hands! It’s really special to be involved in something like this.

2. DJ competition. It’s a very special competition for me because I’m a huge music fan. Music plays every single day both at home or even when I go outside. So I am really grateful to parallacs#9904 and Dave for the opportunity, and I very much like the time spent with the other community members while listening to their favorite music. Music unites, I know it!

3. The last and very important one is not a challenge but the channel #socratic. It was so special and unusual that it still blows my mind when I’m thinking about it. The channel’s format is unique: all posts are phrased in the form of a question and all questions must be responses to previous questions. It makes you think outside of the box whether you want it or not) It makes you think a lot about so many different things, and if you start questioning there you’ll never know where you will be in the end or if there’s the end at all because the last answer is still a question. I miss this channel very much now).
I understand that it is difficult for you to notice any of members, but I am very interested to hear from you the names of those without whom, in your opinion, Ecommunity would be completely different? Whose work do you admire and whose contribution to the project seems valuable and irreplaceable to you? Or are there no irreplaceable people?
Honestly speaking I’ve stuck on this question for a pretty long time because the list is too long to write)

We have a looot of outstanding people here, and our community would never be what it is now without them. You all know them, you see them here every day, there’s no need to name them, they popup in your head if you only start to think about it.

I started to think about every person one by one, about their contributions, collaborations, works, which were above and beyond everything, and realized how many talented people we have here!

In Ecosystem any qualitative contribution made sincerely and with soul, even the smallest one, is very important, by such contributions, small and big, a solid foundation of the Ecosystem is built, so it’d be unfair to highlight only a few members, in the Ecosystem everyone is important.
You are the first prefect who has the Student role and being trained in Eco Education on the course #introduction-to-node-operation. What are your impressions of this course and what other course would you like to enroll in? Perhaps it will be interesting for you to learn something that has not yet been presented?
I wanted to join the Eco Education program for a long time, and when I saw the #introduction-to-node-operation course was launched, I immediately sent the application since this area is very relevant for me. I always had a poor knowledge on the topic and am very glad now I have the opportunity to take these lessons. We have a friendly and comfortable atmosphere during the lessons, you can always get detailed explanations and analysis if you don’t understand something and get answers to any questions.I think in the future we will have many new interesting courses, I personally would be interested in learning any programming language relevant in the crypto sphere and also would study a marketing course.
How do you see Eco and the development of the community in the future? Do you have hopes and dreams related to the project? What goals do you set for yourself and do you make any plans?
It’s good to have dreams and hopes, they support and inspire us on our way, but I think that it’s more effective and useful to set goals and systematically, step by step do everything to achieve them.

The long-term goal is to help Eco with their mission, and I believe that both Eco and the ecommunity have more than enough potential to achieve it. To make it happen, every day we should put all our efforts on the things where we can be most useful. And by daily, conscientious work we can achieve any goals. Our community is truly unique and I believe that we are going to win and are able to achieve any goals together, it all depends on us.
By our tradition, each person leaves their warm words and wishes for the readers at the end of the interview. I would really like you to say something important and valuable for our readers, too.
I’d like to address those who joined us recently: guys if you read this – you’re lucky to join the Ecolution and be in the most unique and outstanding community in crypto. Look around and check what we’re doing here, we had so many exciting things happen during the last year and a half and so much to come! You got a great chance to join us and follow the adventure to a better financial future with the company of such a great bunch of cool people which you became a part of now. There’s much more to Ecommunity than meets the eye!And please keep in mind we’re actually still very very very early… KYEP
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