Interview with VALIKO (Valentyn#0786)

If I told you now that you have become Layer 2, what would you answer me?
Valentyn: «Unbelievable!»

I wouldn’t say it’s “unbelievable”-rather deserved. Valentyn joined the Eco Community in March last year and he is actively involved in the life of the community. You just have to see his memes – funny, fresh and relevant, and their execution is great. Valentyn himself says that a sense of humor is for him as a tool for dealing with stress and an element of developing critical thinking.

Valentyn shared that he was enjoyed sports, traveling, studying the biographies of successful and extraordinary personalities who have realized themselves in their favorite business (Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz, Gordon Ramsay, etc.), but from the moment he got married and had children, the coolest emotions he is getting in the family and everything else became secondary.

“Unfortunately, I could not predict the emerging trends and I did not purchase bitcoin and ethereum at a price of 1-4 cents, Eco has a chance to take a place in the popular niche of the financial sector along with the leaders of the FinTech industry, it would be interesting for me to be involved in this,” – said Valentyn.

Tell us about your participation in the Eco Championship?

“It’s fun, it’s adrenaline, it’s motivating. I was lucky enough to get into a great team with whom we found a common language. Eco Championship is like an adult school where you learn communication, finding non-standard solutions, strategy development, etc. This story is not only about jumps and photos”.

What would you wish a new members of Eco community?

“Guys, feel at home, because if you are comfortable here, the rest of the Eco community will be cozy and comfortable, remember that the community is one of the main factors in the success of the project”.
Valentyn, it was nice to have an interesting chat with you, accept congratulations from HolaEco! Team. We wish you further success and fruitful work!
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