Interview with Stefan
Stefan - Eco community member

I am glad to welcome you as a guest at HolaEco!

You know, in some questionnaires there is a column where you have to briefly tell about yourself.

What is the most important thing you tell about yourself in a few sentences?
I’m Stefan and I’m trying to help Eco in making its vision of fair and inexpensive access to a new, inclusive financial system a reality.
Each of us strives to realize our dreams, sets big goals and makes plans. We all have small joys that we look forward to and tasks that require a lot of effort and time. There is a beautiful girl in our community Katya#4740, who created a Wish Table so that each participant could share their dream with the community. Tell us, what inspires and pleases you? Do you have a dream and what are you doing to make it a reality?
My dream is to actively contribute towards making the world a better place. I may not be an influential or rich person but I firmly believe that every single contribution counts and can help towards realizing that dream.
You are the first prefect we have invited for an interview.

I would like to thank you for creating Eco Academy. This helps beginners, in a playful way, to understand what key ideas Eco represents and what important issues it intends to solve in the future. I really like it!

Tell us how you came up with the great idea of creating an Eco Academy? Do you consider it successfully implemented?
The idea originated when I first spoke to Jeremie, who was an Overseas Envoy for the French Eco community. I’m happy about what the Eco Academy has become but there is of course much to improve.
Do you think it would be simpler and more attractive if we added the ability for users to choose a language for training? This will help everyone to better assimilate the information. What do you think about this?
Good idea, this would help many to have a better access to the information.
I‘ve watched your work in different projects and it is amazing to me how you manage everything! I would like you to reveal your secrets of self-organization. I think it will be useful for many who want to work productively.
There is no real secret. Just hard work. The key is to avoid distractions. If you want to be productive, my recommendation is to stop watching TV/videos/movies, playing video games, surfing the internet for hours etc. This will skyrocket your productivity.
Despite the fact that you successfully participate in many projects, I would like to know what Eco is for you? Do you think Eco is something unique and special? Have you ever seen similar projects in their structure or organization?

Eco is special because I am deeply aligned with its vision and I think it has a unique leadership.
Working, developing and gaining experience, is there anything that you wanted to add and implement in Eco?
One thing that is of great importance to me is to ensure that everyone around the world gets access to the Eco App which is only available in the US right now.
Eco community has chosen for itself a very interesting way of interaction of participants inside itself, including thanks to the points reward system. Cooperating with various projects in the crypt, have you tried to introduce an open Eco-points system somewhere? Were there any projects that were interested in this concept?
The idea was proposed in several other ecosystems and I think it led the teams to ask important questions.
It seems to me that the negative experience that a person faces is a great lesson for him and forms a personality. Tell us a little about your failures in the crypto industry and what they have taught you?
It’s important to always get back up on your feet after each failure. This way, you “fail yourself to success”.
By tradition, each participant of the interview, at the end, shares his thoughts with the reader. What would you like to say to everyone who reads this interview?
I would like to encourage everyone reading this to have the courage to shoot for the stars and to reach for their dreams.
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