Interview with Rusmoody & la_petite

Let’s welcome the new members of Layer 2 – Rusmoody#4917 and la_petite#7773

  • What are your impressions of getting Layer 2 role? What are your plans for the future?

    la_petite#7773: It was a real surprise for me today when I got a notification from Eco, stating that I’ve become Layer2. It made me smile for sure and also it means that I bring value in some way, which also makes me happy.

    Rusmoody#4917: It was unexpected to get a new role. I want to continue to develop myself in Eco and bring benefits to the project.
  • Tell a little about yourself, what you are interested in, how you like to spend time?

    la_petite#7773: As you probably guessed – I love reading a lot!
    Besides that, I always wanted to write a book but didn’t know where to begin with. When I got to know about Eco-creators running a contest for writers, this was a chance for me to practice my writing skills and get truthful and valuable feedback from people I don’t know – I could not miss this opportunity.
    I also love traveling, but for the time being it’s not something that I do frequently – my desire is to make this activity on a regular basis.
    I work in IT sphere – I chose this field right after graduating from my university.

    Rusmoody#4917: In my free time I do sports in the gym and on the street. I devote very little time to cryptocurrency. I change my hobbies very often, so it’s hard to choose one thing. However, Eco interested me for a long time.
    When I was 12 years old, I became the Сhampion of Russia in gymnastics. I also write poetry and have organized my performances for an audience of more than a hundred people several times.
  • What is Eco for you? There is an expression that the strength of any project is in its community, what do you say about this?

    la_petite#7773: For me Eco is care. I am sure the Team of this project are preparing something special to the world and I am happy that I am a part of it.
la_petite#7773: “I can say that Eco is the future. Eco definitely has value which it can share with the world – just can’t wait to see it!”
  • Rusmoody#4917: It’s obvious. In this regard, Eco differs from other projects, mainly in that different activities are offered and each person can do what he likes and what he is good at.
Rusmoody#4917: “I believe that Eco is the future of the entire global financial system!”
  • What do you particularly remember during the time that you are a member of the Eco Community?

    la_petite#7773: I liked a lot of contests, it’s not always possible to do something the first time, but I always experience vivid emotions.

    Rusmoody#4917: I participated in the Eco Team Championship, which was followed by the entire Eco community – and I remember it the most!
  • What would you wish a new members of Eco community?

    la_petite#7773: If you are a new member and don’t know what to begin with – I want to encourage you to be proactive and not to be afraid to experiment.

    Rusmoody#4917: Believe in your own strength and look for those directions that are interesting to you. However, do not forget to try yourself in something new.
  • Guys, it was nice to have an interesting chat with you, congratulations from HolaEcoTeam!

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