Interview with Makloen

Let’s welcome the new member of Layer 2 - makloen#6372

Andrey, what are your impressions of getting Layer 2? What are your plans for the future?

Andrey: “I am overwhelmed with joyful emotions. I’m happy. The new role will provide more opportunities to dive deeper into Eco. Eco charges me to develop, improve myself and be valuable. Therefore, only go ahead!”

Andrey lives in Ukraine and works as a brand manager in a dynamically developing agronomic sphere. Supplies spare parts for agricultural machinery (combines, plows, seeders) on the territory of Ukraine and in Europe. Andrey notes the similarity of the agricultural sphere with the crypto world – in winter, a work plan is drawn up for the whole year and everyone is waiting for warming (crypto winter), and in summer they harvest (bull run).
makloen#6372:Eco community is something incredible and really unique. I was a member of several communities and there was no such level of involvement, creativity, dedication, and help for each other anywhere. I am very glad that I am a part of the Eсo community.”
Andrey is a man with a big heart: he systematically participates in volunteer activities, providing humanitarian aid to orphanages, elderly people, large families. He devotes his free time to gym classes and music – he learns to play the guitar and plays the piano (Andrey demonstrated this talent to us in the challenge “Eco got talent”). Andrey also shared that thanks to Eco, he solved a Rubik’s cube.
makloen#6372:For me, Eco is a project with a powerful and very talented team, an incredible community and a colossal future. The Moon is not enough!
“What would you wish a new members of Eco community?“
Andrey: “Eco is a unique project, which has no analogues. It is very valuable to be a member of a community in which you are surrounded by such talented people and in which you can develop. I have always been amazed by the members of the community who approached participation in activities very seriously and with extreme creativity. I would like to wish new participants not to be afraid to express themselves. Participate in challenges, discussions, events, help other community members, offer your ideas. Be active participants in the life of the Eco community, and your efforts will be rewarded.”
Andrey, it was nice and interesting to chat with you, congratulations from HolaEcoTeam!
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