Interview with Lilia, Dina2375, Lika

Let’s welcome the new members of Layer2: lilia#4972, Dina2375#9623, Lika#0361

If I told you now that you have become Layer 2, what would you answer me?

lilia#4972: “Wow, cool! And then I fainted»

Dina2375#9623: «When I become a member of Layer 2, then I will describe my emotions, but for now it’s exciting to even think about it»

Lika#0361 «Thanks! Super!»

Eco unites a huge number of people, each of whom is unique in its own way. As Marina Tsvetaeva said: «There is no second You on Earth». Let’s find out a little more information about the participants.
lilia#4972: “The most important thing for me is my family, which inspires me, helps and supports me”.
Lilia is a 100% creative person, since childhood she has been engaged in singing, drawing, participated in small theatrical productions, later became interested in entertainer, clothing and jewelry design, engaged in oriental dancing, began knitting. If you haven’t seen Lily’s knitting, then be sure to take a look – they are amazing. Currently, she is a practicing psychologist. We are delighted with the multi-faceted of Lilia, as well as her patience and determination (we remembered the house of cards, which fell 70 times, but was still built).

“Eco has opened up an opportunity for me to realize myself in something new and promising. This project covers almost all areas of interest: sports, art, creativity, games, graphics, analytics, dancing, music, etc. It’s amazing. There are gurus in every field that you want to look up to” – says Lilia.

What would you wish a new members of Eco community?
Lilia: “Be yourself and remember, that we are the masters of our fears”.
Dina2375#9623: “Eco helped me get out of depression, introduced me to new people in the community, where “Good morning” in the chat is like a ray of bright light for me. Participation in various challenges is an outlet, thanks to which I can just forget myself“.
Dina is a very spiritual, modest girl. Speaks with great warmth about Eco community. It is impossible not to agree with this. There are rumors that Eco has the coolest community. Dina lived in Altai – and who does not know – this is a stunning beauty of nature. This inspired her to travel. Dina has a wish list of countries to travel to, among which she highlights Egypt and China.

“I remember my first job (owl from CDs), I was so worried, but over time I realized that Eco community has very kind and responsive people”– says Dina.

What would you wish a new members of Eco community?
Dina: “I wish not to be shy to express yourself, ask questions, guys will tell you everything and help. Be active and show your talents”.
Lika#0361: «Why did I join Eco? I understand that the desire to keep up with the times helps to stay young».

Lika draws amazingly, and at the age of 5 she knitted her first scarf, at 15 she graduated from art school, at 23 she graduated from university at the Faculty of Romano-Germanic Philology, and at 45 she retired as a major in the internal service. Unexpected, isn’t it?

According to Lika, she devotes all her free time to Eco community and is upset that there is not as much of it in the summer as she would like.

“I am proud of my children and their achievements, I love my elderly parents and young grandchildren,” – says Lika. And I will add from myself that having grandchildren and having parents at the same time is a real happiness!

What would you wish a new members of Eco community?

Lika: “I wish them an active life position and thirst for knowledge”.

Lika, Dina, Lilia – you are amazing, congratulations! We wish you new successes and self-realization.
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