Interview with Julia29 & o12321o

Let’s welcome the new members of Layer2: Julia29#3871, o12321o#0629

What are your impressions of getting Layer 2? What are your plans for the future?

Julia29#3871: “It’s very nice, it feels like I got an Oscar!”

o12321o#0629: “My reaction was something like Janice from the TV series “Friends” – “OH. MY. GOD”. Now I doubly want to be useful to the Eco community! I hope I will be able to do something that will interest the members.”

Julia lives in Russia in the Rostov region (if you will be there – be sure to visit the largest bird park in the South of Russia – a place that everyone will like, Julia shared with us). In the last 2 years, she has been devoting all her time to her family and little daughter.
Julia29#3871: “I was thinking about employment on the Internet and when I joined Eco in June, I realized that this is exactly what I dreamed of.”
Julia actively participates in all the activities of the project, says that thanks to Eco she tried herself in new types of creativity, learned how to draw beautifully, stuff a ball, sort and properly throw out garbage:
Julia29#3871: “Eco is an amazing project. This is an opportunity to prove yourself comprehensively, to show your talents, skills, knowledge. This is a community with the kindest and most talented members, the motivation to do something here is huge!”
o12321o#0629 (Oksana) has been living in Cyprus for the last 3 months and enjoys nature and the hospitality of local residents. Oksana is an active girl. Extreme sports, dancing, clay modeling, love of traveling. It’s all about her! Oksana also learns Greek, worked in Africa, was in Tanzania on safari in national parks and swam with dolphins in the open ocean.
o12321o#0629: “Eco community is a huge community of caring people who create the future in which they would like to live. It’s always nice to be surrounded by those who share your values, who strive for more and who have something to learn from.”
Tell us about your participation in the Eco Team Championship?
Julia: “This is an unforgettable experience and impressions, as well as an opportunity to test your knowledge and strength! It was great to feel the team spirit, get to know each other better and make friends with some of the participants! Eco is a very cool and amazing project that has a great success ahead of it!”

Oksana: “Our gECOns team is love, honestly! We really quickly became a TEAM: we supported, prompted, shared our thoughts. It was VERY interesting! I always expected with trepidation what awaits me today.”
What would you wish a new members of Eco community?
Julia: “Take part in all kinds of challenges, be active and all your efforts and work done will be rewarded! You’ll like it, I’m sure!”

Oksana: “Be yourself, don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to ask and offer anything. Members of the Eco community will definitely prompt and support. Don’t quit if something doesn’t work out right away. And learn more.”
Girls, it was nice to have an interesting chat with you, congratulations from HolaEcoTeam!
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