Interview with ivanplayer26

Let’s welcome the new members of Layer2: ivanplayer26

Ivan said one absolutely great phrase: “If I become Layer 2, then I will be glad, so I was able to benefit the community“.
Ivan joined Eco community in October last year and has recently been organizing free poker tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool for everyone. By the way, he promised not to give up this initiative in the future, so join the tournaments. Poker was not chosen by chance – it is a favorite leisure activity in the company of Ivan’s friends.

“Eco has become a place of pleasant pastime for me, where I met many interesting and sympathetic people. And recently it has also become a place where you can learn something new by taking Eco Education courses,” -Ivan said.

Ivan also shared that he loves to swim, and lives in Rostov-on-Don city. If you are ever come to this city, Ivan advises you to visit the most beautiful embankment of the Don river and the central promenade of the city – Pushkinskaya Street.

“Eco will be successful, it will definitely have strong community support, the popularity of the application will be huge”.

What would you wish a new members of Eco community?
“As a person who has been in the community for a long time, I would advise a beginner to study the project and continue to act the call of his heart, not putting the rewards in competitions in the first place, and participate in competitions where is really interesting, and offer interesting initiatives that he likes himself, so that it is easier to find like-minded people”.
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