Interview with Irina2610

Irina is a native resident of the stunningly beautiful Far East, the creator of the ECO-friendly ECOnomy or ECOnomical ECOlogy from ECO initiative, and also a person who is not afraid to seek justice from government agencies. Ira shared with us her thoughts, feelings and even those of the actors she would like to invite on a date.

Ira, when I think about you, I immediately remember that you live in the Far East. Is it primarily the time difference (UTC+10), are you used to it already?
Yes, I was born and live in the Far East, I’m already used to the time difference, of course. We are the first to wake up on the planet (especially Kamchatka), we manage to do something before the majority of the population wakes up, often this is our advantage. But there are also disadvantages, of course (laughs).
The Far East is famous for its stunningly beautiful and unique nature. Tell us a little about it? What is it like with your eyes?
The Far East is really very beautiful and unique, but I think that every region can say this about itself, because nature is different everywhere and features are different everywhere. We have bridges and hills of Vladivostok, volcanoes and geysers of Kamchatka, unique beaches, a variety of fish and seafood along the entire Pacific coast, the Ussuri taiga and its king, the largest of the tigers, our Amur tiger. The Far East captures even the eastern coast of the deepest Lake Baikal. And most of the territories of the region can only be reached by plane, because there are simply no other roads. There are a lot of wild and dangerous places in the Far East, there have been cases when wild animals, such as a bear, a wild boar or a tiger came to cities, settlements. The Far East is a young, beautiful, slightly wild and promising region. I love it!

Let’s talk about your ECO-friendly ECOnomy or ECOnomical ECOlogy from ECO initiative. How did you come to such a life position? Are Eco and ecology related? Have you already received enough feedback from the Eco community and what is the final goal of this initiative?

The main value of ECO is a wonderful community: lively, interested, developing, proactive and very multifaceted. So I decided to try to create a collaboration with a real life problem that surrounds us all 24/ 7 (although many people do not think about it yet) and affects our lives now and will influence even more in the future. I must say right away – I am an ordinary person, not an environmentalist, not a social activist or a volunteer, I am just a person who is interested, aware of the problem, the scale of its disaster and I want to do what I can with it. My goal is to push the Eco community to this simple but effective idea of separate garbage collection, tell about it, encourage its implementation, introduce regularity and develop the right habit. And all this for points. By the way, giving earned points is no less pleasant than receiving (laughs). I am happy even if a person just thought, looked around and made conclusions. What is the unity of my initiative and Eco – caring for own future, caring for own family, foresight and common sense. «We are going to win. We all win together».
Let’s get back to the Eco community. You’ve been in Eco for 7 months. You are at the time of joining the Discord server and you are now. What has changed?
A lot has changed, the mood has changed. At first, it was an unrestrained race for points. Now it’s like I’ve grown up, calmed down, I go to the server every day, read the news, chat, participate where it’s really interesting for me. The “stressful” state of constant racing, which was at the beginning, has disappeared.
What is Eco for you? How much time a week do you devote to the project?
Eco is a kind of outlet in the usual routine, where you go, look at the messages of already “close” people, smile, get pleasure. Eco provides an opportunity for self-realization, knowledge acquisition, communication. It seems to me that I spend a lot of time in Eco. I didn’t count it, but I think there will be 10 hours a week. It will be wonderful when Eco App will work in Russia and we will use its wide opportunities and profits.
What kind of work are you most proud of? Which one was the hardest?
I remember my work, which I did almost at the very beginning, dedicated to Eco’s first birthday. For me, it was almost like flying into space – I overcame the language barrier, fear or dislike of the camera, and the use of video editors, I had to work hard to master minimal video processing skills. Maybe now I would have done my job better, but at that time I was very proud of my work. The work was worthy appreciated by the Eco Team, I remember there was no limit to my joy (laughs).
What else inspires you? How do you like to spend your time?
I am often inspired by ordinary people, I define them for myself as “bright”. They are kind, well-mannered, do things worthy of pride, envy and hatred are alien to them. They gives positive energy, it’s hard to explain, they are like suns, you just want to reach out to them. After communicating with such people, I think about a lot, rethink something, learn something. There are a lot of such guys in the Eco community. I like to spend time usefully, actively and passively, there is no single pattern. I can watch a good movie under a blanket, or I can organize a family bike ride for 30 kilometers, it depends on the mood.
Describe your perfect day?
My ideal day will be on a tropical island, with an abundance of fresh fruits and seafood. Sound healthy sleep, waking up without an alarm clock, light breakfast, walking barefoot on the beach, swimming, fruit cocktails, smoothies for a snack, games on the beach, lunch, a little shopping, sea walk with seafood tasting, return and walks on the evening island, enjoying the sunset, sound healthy sleep.
Blitz survey
1. Favorite book, movie?
The TV series Downton Abbey, not a favorite, but very memorable. In general, I like historical films, especially those based on real events.
2. Which of the actors would you invite on a date?
No one. Would prefer to be invited (laughs).
3. Where would you like to meet old age?
With family and friends , the place itself is not fundamentally important.
4. What exactly will make you smile?
My singing baby, it’s very nice.
5. How old do you feel?
Sometimes it feels like 40-50 years old, often I’m too serious.
6. What are your advantages?
Foresight, realism, justice, sense of responsibility.
7. And the disadvantages?
I like to leave important things for the last moment, often lazy.
8. What kind of superpower would you like to have?
A time machine, both in the past and in the future.
9. Which Eco Community member would you like to read an interview with?
10. What are your plans for today?
Save the world from an ecological catastrophe and go to bed with a sense of accomplishment (laughs). Seriously, there are a lot of plans – now harvesting, digging potatoes soon, various preparatory work for winter. By the way, I like to alternate physical labor with mental, it turns out a great combination.

Irina: “I consider myself an ordinary person, that’s the truth“.

Ira, everyone is unique, you do amazing things, you are an interesting, bright person who did not spare her own points to reward participants. The Hola Eco! Team congratulates you on your achievements and wishes you success and further development. We are going to win. We all win together!
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