Interview with Dmytro
Dmytro - Eco community member

We welcome our new guest

You always help newcomers, and also open to interaction for all members of the Ecommunity, but we know so little about you, but your profession, like the world of the crypto, is aimed at developing the future. Tell us a little about yourself, about your work and projects.
Hello dear colleague, members of the Eco community
Firstly, I wanted to thank you for inviting me to Holla Eco, I'm honored to be a part of this vibrant community activity. I now have the feeling that I am giving an interview to the “ People” Magazine))))

So, a little about myself. I'm 35 years old. Now I live in Germany. By profession I am a Bioengineer, Genetic Engineering. Long study, and after several years of practice in the USA and England, there I was able to realize myself, make new acquaintances and friends, gain experience and learn English and the culture of another country. A very long way but exciting in work, because the goals are really grandiose in the profession. This is the health of all living things and ecology and the discovery of the new and unknown, a kind of journey into space.

After some time, for personal reasons, I decided to return to my homeland, to Ukraine, in order to continue my development here, but the institutions were much inferior in terms of equipment and funding. I decided to change my profession, received another higher education in the field of Marketing and foreign economic activity. I have worked in this field for more than 5 years, headed marketing departments in several companies in Turkey and the UAE. In parallel, since 2018, I studied cryptocurrency in my free time and took the first steps in investing. Unfortunately, our investment culture was not developed, which cannot be said about the USA, where since the 70s every housewife has invested part of the budget in stocks.
You are always very reserved and serious, sometimes it seems to me that you were very serious as a child. We all come from childhood. Do you remember your childhood? What was it like and what did you dream about when you were very young? Did you manage to fulfill your dreams?
I remember my childhood, it was without computers, mobile phones and the Internet. My entertainments were board games, biking, football and fishing. My father was in the military, so strict discipline was in the family. I remember how I climbed into the military base with my friends to watch with binoculars and we were caught, these were the games we had then. A very interesting childhood, in fact, a lot of friends and live communication. I was fond of music - we even had our own rock band at school, I was a drummer. Headliners)))

While Elon Musk wrote the computer game Blastar at the age of 12, I didn't even know how to use a computer.

It would have been nice to have a computer then - my thoughts now. . He came to me at the age of 18 and it was very expensive at that time, you could buy an apartment in my city for this money. But thanks to books and the Internet, I quickly learned the basics.
How long have you been actively interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and participation in ambassador programs? Is this interest related to the possibility of earning money, or did you want to try something new for yourself?
I am very interested in technology, social engineering, artificial intelligence, developments and their application in the future. And of course I couldn't miss this segment. I confess to you, I owned more than 100 Ethereum coins in 2016, they were given to me by friends from the USA for Thanksgiving. I sold them right away. I think we all have similar stories and our own history of FOMO))) In 2018, I returned and began to study more deeply, mainly I watched the development of the Ethereum ecosystem, it was a technology rocket, a Shuttle in cryptocurrency. At that time I didn’t think about investments, I didn’t fully believe and was afraid of the ban on exchanges, but I believed in technology.
From the whole range of areas of your development, what is a priority for you and what would you like to fully devote yourself to in the future?
Biotechnology and Genetics are far in the past, I have no regrets, I have acquired new skills and fully realized myself in marketing and trading, and I am perfectly implementing my skills and experience in the crypto space today.
You are one of the early members who joined the Eco discord and I want to learn a lot from you about the project and the stages of its development. What was the community like at the beginning of the journey and what has changed since then?
ahhh this is an amazing experience. I confess, I did not immediately enter the game .... I joined the community 2 years ago after reading Ryan Breslow's twitter, and the first thing that surprised me was the huge number of challenges and they were socially oriented, it scared me away - because I was more interested in technology. I returned to the project only after half a year and merged with it, since then we have never parted. I realized that all activities are a kind of closed ecosystem and social studies, it was close to me and I took part with pleasure. I saw wild dances, a dancing robot, offline meetings, volunteering in India and the fight against Covid, and the arrival of new talented members in the community, and of course, work on the DAO.
Ecommunity is reaching a new level of development, it’s very exciting and responsible. A lot of qualitative changes are waiting for us. Tell us about your future plans, in which direction would you like to work?
Yes, you are right, we have been waiting for a long time, conducted research and finally saw a full-fledged launch, opened access to everyone and now everyone can take part. For myself, I see the full development of technologies and the ECO ecosystem. Here is my vision of the usercase:
I will describe the general ECO user case:
Website + DEX + app + plastic card: - in the future, I see a universal digital asset platform with support for a wide range of blockchain-based cryptocurrency products and services, which allows customers to:
-loans and deposits
-lend and pay bills
Early placement of coins on the platform (listings and launch pads)
-using cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world.
-life and property insurance

Fiat-to-cryptocurrency conversion services, marketplace (NFT), Vip metal cards with cashback + access to affiliate programs such as airport lounges, discounts in large restaurant chains, early ticket booking, cinemas, life and property insurance. Offline crypto wallet, staking, decentralized financial products (DeFi), and crypto payment and payment methods. Earnings on invites and deposits earn up to 5% per annum and more in the future and even receive loans in cryptocurrency. For traders, Eco can offer margin trading and derivatives trading.

A metaverse with partnerships in the real sector of trade and the economy and a gaming ecosystem with the Eco+ token fitness applications.

Native tokens for managing smart contracts, voting, rewarding, guaranteed access to launch sites, staking, payment, landing and much more. And of course, its own ECO currency, decentralized, fairly distributed and with a clear application, it can be spent and at the same time earn and not pay a commission to intermediaries.
All this is very interesting for me, the emergence of a new monetary system, development, implementation, I want to direct my efforts to train beginners, as well as ECO collaborations with other projects, exchange of experience and attract new participants.
We all have a lot of joint work and collaborations ahead of us. What does it mean for you to be a "team player"? Do you have difficulties working together with other people when it is necessary to accept their ideas, opinions and views?
I do not feel discomfort at all, for a long time I have been participating in the management of international sales and marketing teams. One head is good, but if there are two or more smart heads, I'm always happy to team up or listen to other ideas to achieve common goals ..
Most recently, the entire Ecommunity observed the distribution of rewards for everyone who contributed to the development of the project. What was your reaction when you saw how highly your work was appreciated?
I think that the team has really great experience and I trust them completely. The location for the community is allocated in my opinion small, there was a lot of controversy. And yes, some of the participants were awarded quite well according to market estimates. I can attribute myself to these active participants, and I am proud of it .. At the same time, We will be able to fully evaluate all the results only at a distance, we have been given all the tools to implement this. This is the voting process and access to the treasury, and the reward multiplier. Only patience, faith and direct participation and involvement will give us the opportunity to see everything that is conceived by the team and the engineers and architects of the project.
There are a lot of smart, talented and incredible people in Ecommunity, with whom it is a pleasure to work and share their experience every day. We all strive to win together. And what do you think is more important: winning or participating?
I believe none of the two parts can exist separately if we have one goal - to be opinion leaders, technology leaders, change leaders. Participation and victory as cause and effect.
Which of the work you have done do you consider the most valuable and what do you remember with a smile?
I think all the challenges allowed everyone to get out of their comfort zone, discover new skills and strengthen each participant. There were funny meme challenges, offline and online events. In socially oriented projects, I often meet people who are not deeply immersed in crypto, their knowledge is superficial and this is a kind of danger for them in the first place. I want to give people knowledge and confidence in the future, because the one who owns the information knows the future!!!
You are successfully teaching the course #crypto-literature. To get into your students, members need to register in advance, I congratulate you, this is a great success. How did you come up with the idea of creating a course, did you manage to implement all the plans related to it?
Since I have experience in organizing and speaking to an audience online and offline, my initial goal was to hold conferences in schools and universities of the country, where I planned to introduce students and schoolchildren to the world of blockchain in conjunction with the ECO project. But the coronavirus and isolation disrupted these plans, although everything had already been agreed with the ECO team and the leadership of a number of educational institutions. Despite this, we managed to conduct several online classes in colleges and gymnasiums, the children were delighted, they learned what blockchain is, about security and, of course, about our project and plans for the future.
After a while, Dave offered to join an educational course in the ECO community. Then Ildar was actively looking for teachers and we quickly found common ideas and launched. Eco is a socially oriented project, so many community members did not have deep knowledge in the topic of blockchain and I wanted to fix this. I wanted to give people knowledge, talk about the right investment, the study of tokenomics and venture investments, security in the blockchain network, and much more. Over 60 students, over 35 hours of practice and homework!
What do you think is the strongest side of Ecommunity and what requires changes and improvements?
I participated in more than 200 crypto projects, was a moderator, community manager and ambassador and saw their ups and downs, some live to this day. I'll tell you honestly - our community is revolutionary, it was able to truly unite people who work as one big team for a common goal - to win together !!! After all, people are the goal, their comfort and well-being, all this is done by us and for us. I have found many friends here and am immensely happy about this, and also gained new experience.
We see a lot of newcomers coming to Eco right now and we all want to adapt them as soon as possible and help them find their way in the project. What is the biggest motivation for you to work? And what would you advise users who have just recently logged on to the server and want to start?
Motivation - self-realization, of course, will be the most acceptable option, to bring your contribution to the project, leave a piece of yourself and transfer knowledge to others. Indeed, there are more and more new members every day and it will be so, it is inevitable, and all newcomers are still early birds. The project has well and competently built the process of getting acquainted with the project on the site and on the forum, it will be easy for beginners to adapt and the community will always help answer any questions. The team also conducts regular weekly calls, the information is fresh and very useful. There will be more activities, rewards, tutorials and focus groups and guilds coming soon. The rating system is preserved for and this is also good for new members, there is an incentive. There is a lot of development and implementation, scaling and adoption ahead.
According to HolaEco tradition, at the end of the interview, each guest leaves an important thought for the readers. What would you like to say to everyone who reads this interview?
I want to thank the community - you are cool and talented, and know that we are in the right place at the right time.

Also note - the presence of good programmers and engineers in the project is not always a success, also need good managers with experience. And I will not surprise you if I say that we have everything - and this is a rarity and a guarantee of success with our help. Together we are strong!!! LFG
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